In 2014 I let my passion for photography to take front stage in my professional life. Favoured by familiar and economic circumstances I was able to dedicate full time to my work as an authorial photographer.​​​​​​​
Soon I began to use my photography skills to develop a new professional career as an architectural photographer. During this time, I developed skills such as creativity, improvisation, and management of stakeholders with backgrounds and expectations vastly different from what I was used to as an experienced project manager. I was also able to use my well tested and reliable skills such as planning, attention to detail and my ability to learn new technics and technologies.
Nowadays I have my photography work being sold at specialized photography and art galleries and through a network of professional contacts from the architecture and interior design areas.
As for my commercial work, I cover all aspects of architectural photography, such as architecture and interior designs, real estate, hotels, apartments, malls, shops, restaurants, coffee shops and all kinds of buildings. I have a special interest in heritage and historic buildings.
I also work with corporate photography providing photography work for industries, companies, and offices, including corporate portraits, also known as headshots.
Living in Portsmouth I can work in a large area, including Hampshire and IOW, West and East Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Greater London; but I'm available to work anywhere in the British Islands and Europe depending on the project and budget.
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